Is there an ABC citation in your future for that cute can of cabernet?

Single-serve cans of champagne and wine are popping up everywhere. We see them being served at trendy restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs and even movie theatres.

They’re so cute – but also a tad trashy. Sipping bubbly with a straw out of a can kinda reminds us of swilling tallboys of PBR. But we digress …

State law prohibits serving a bottle of wine unless it is opened and poured in a glass. This includes champagne.

Think about how wine by the bottle is served at a fancy restaurant. Your hand-picked selection is carefully displayed by the sommelier. With a practiced pull on the cork, vintage vino is splashed in your glass for a sniff and a sample. After teasing your pallet with a sip, the sommelier pours a full glass of wine and leaves the opened bottle on the table.

The same concept applies to single-serve cans and bottles of wine. State law requires that at least some of the wine be poured into a glass before the container is delivered to the customer.  It is illegal to serve a customer with a full bottle or can of wine.

We find ourselves singing Beck’s infectious “Where It’s At”:

Pulling out jives and jamboree handouts

Two turntables and a microphone

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands

Just clap your hands

If you want to avoid an ABC citation, pour those cute little cans into a cup before you hand them to your customer.

Source: LastCall

Apr, 09, 2019