Alexa: Play Tennessee server permit training

With next to no ado, the Tennessee ABC has been quietly approving online courses for server permit training. A list of approved courses is provided here.

Although not quite ready for prime time on your smart speaker, online training is for real in Tennessee.

“With online training, everybody gets the correct information, every time,” notes Kim Pouncey at Top Shelf, an ABC-certified online training course. “Servers can now take training on their own schedule, on their own time, even pausing the training as needed.”

In order to obtain an on-line server permit, servers must:


  1. Create an RLPS account. Former ABC Assistant Director, Zack Blair offers a tutorial for obtaining an RLPS ID in the video above.
  2. Log into your RLPS account.
  3. Under licenses, select permits and proceed with your Server Permit Application.
  4. You will need to upload an ID. We suggest photographing your driver’s license and emailing it to yourself.
  5. You will need a credit card to pay the $20 application fee.
  6. Once your application is complete, the system generates your RLPS ID#. You will be required to enter your RLPS ID# before you can take the course.

Former Director Blair has detailed instructions for the On-line Server Permit Application in this video.  

You must complete your Server Permit Application within 30 days. If you take more than 30 days, you have to start over and pay the $20 fee again.

Certified online courses will collect your RLPS ID in connection with your online training. If the system functions properly, the training company enters this number into the RLPS and enters your score and the course information will be automatically be added to your RLPS account.

Brownsville Station’s one-hit wonder “Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room” is on point:  

   Sitting in the classroom, thinking it’s a drag

   Listening to the teacher rap, just ain’t my bag

   The noon bells rings, you know that’s my cue

   I’m gonna meet the boys on floor number two

   Smokin’ in the boy’s room

ABC staff will review your application and email your Server Permit card.  

Once the TABC verifies all of your course information and approves your application, the TABC will send you an email telling you to log into your RLPS account to download a copy of your Server Permit.  State law still requires that all servers keep a copy of their server permit card on them. If you are like us and tend to misplace things, take a picture and keep it in your phone.

Servers should email or deliver a copy of their Server Permit card to their employer. ABC rules require that licensees maintain a copy at the restaurant or bar. The ABC audits server permit compliance and having copies on file in the office makes this process much simpler.

If you do it the old-fashioned way and take a class in person, your RLPS# is required before you can attend the class so your instructor has your information to enter into the RLPS. As with online courses, once the TABC approves everything they will send you an email to log in to your RLPS account and download your permit.

We understand that John Pallas and Hayword Reed at the ABC have been reviewing online programs for review, which require a $700 fee, staff review and approval by TABC. legal. Programs are required to be tied to a TABC Certified Instructor.

Source: LastCall

Apr, 11, 2019